Main River

Guides and canoe fishing
(subject to water level)
Two anglers per day
  C1   a.m.   Forks and Born Again
            Born Again
  p.m.   McGregor
            Lazy Bogan
  C2   a.m.   Frasers
            Ray's Rock

  p.m.   Martha's Run
            Cold Water Brook
  C3   a.m.   Louie's Hole
            Berry Mountain
  p.m.   Upper Three Islands
            Green Brook
  C4   a.m.   Old Tracadie
            Lower Murdock
  p.m.   Lower Lost Channel
            Big John
            Ray's Rock
  C5   a.m.   Josh's Rapids
            Charlie Valley Sidecut
  p.m.   Upper Lost Channel
            Upper Murdock
  C6   a.m.   Head of the Falls
            Scow Channel
  p.m.   Charlie Valley Rock
            Old Tracadie
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